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5.1. If the error in the "offer to sell" price is identified after a payment has been made (an "offer of payment") then the buyer will be contacted immediately and offered the opportunity for (a) a full and immediate refund or (b) the opportunity to proceed at the corrected offer price

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6. When describing items on this website, the following terms or phrases shall be taken to have the following meanings:

6.1. "By": There is sufficient evidence and/or provenance to assert that this item was made or created by the named individual or company.

6.2. "Attributed to": There is some evidence, either observed or provided by some form of provenance, that the item was likely to have been made or created by the named individual or company.

6.3. "Circle of": There is some evidence that this item was created in a similar style and at a contemporaneous time to the named individual but by a different person who was possibly known to them.

6.4. "Style of" or "Manner of": An item created in a similar fashion or style to work by the named individual but which may, or may not, be contemporaneous.

6.5. "After": A copy (or close copy) of an item created by the named individual.

6.6. "Silver": An item that has British hallmarks or international proofmarks indicating that it is solid silver of the appropriate quality (the purity of silver varying from country to country)

6.7. "EPNS" or "silver plate": An item that is made of a base metal or alloy and coated (plated) with a thin layer of silver.

6.8. "White metal": An item that looks silver but has no hallmarks or otherwise to indicate that it is. Anything sold with this description should be considered as "not silver".

6.9. "Non-Hallmarked Silver": An item with no visible hallmark but which by testing or observation is believed to be made from silver.

6.10. "Condition Note": If an item has any defect, damage, missing part, functional limitation or a historical repair that has not been done to the same standard as would be done today, then this shall be detailed in a Condition Note for the item. Condition Notes form an integral part of an items description.

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