Shipping Information

1. Currently this website only offers UK shipping.

2. Shipping outside of the UK is by special arrangement only. Please contact us for further details.

3. We offer a range of shipping services depending on the size and weight of the item. For the purpose of identifying the appropriate shipping service for an item we use three categories:

3.1 Items that are small and light enough to be sent by Royal Mail or a standard courier

3.2 Items that due to weight or physical dimensions require the use of a specialist courier.

3.3 Items that due to weight or physical dimensions require a van delivery.

4. If an order includes items from multiple shipping categories, then the shipping charge will be itemised for each shipping method.

5. Packing timescales will generally be as follows:

5.1 Orders placed before 3pm on a standard working day (Mon-Fri) for items being sent by a courier (or equivalent service) will usually be shipped the next working day.

5.2 Orders placed for larger items that require van delivery will be shipped in line with the timescales indicated at checkout.

5.3 Items requiring specialist packing containers are excluded from the timescales indicated in paras 5.1 and 5.2 above.

6. Due to the hard-to-replace nature of most items sold on Ball & Claw Antiques every effort is made to pack items in a safe and secure manner. When packing smaller items we generally follow these guidelines:

6.1 Smaller items that can fit into a padded ("jiffy") envelope will also be protected with cardboard around them

6.2 Items packed in boxes will use sufficient packing material (bubble wrap, paper etc) so that the item is firmly held in place and not free to move within the box under normal carrying conditions.

6.3 Framed pictures will include a minimum of two layers of cardboard or 1 layer of hardboard over the glass.

7. Larger items may require the manufacture of made to measure packaging materials. If this is the case, the Buyer will be informed if this is likely to result in a slower shipping time.

8. Our committment to "better safe than sorry" packaging means that part of the delivery charge is to cover the protective boxes, bubble wrap etc used in the safe packaging of items.

9. Tracking Numbers for smaller items sent by Royal Mail or courier will be sent to the Buyer by email

10. For larger items where online tracking is not possible, buyers will receive an email when the item is collected from us by the delivery agent. This email may include information such as expected delivery day and the agents name and contact details. The details included may differ depending on which delivery agent is being used.

11. Long distance shipping of large items may take longer to arrange but Ball & Claw will keep the Buyer informed of progress by email.

12. We carry out regular reviews of the shipping services we use and welcome feedback from customers as to their experiences with our shipping agents.