Military Style Brass Marching Band Drum by Army & Navy Co-Op Society 1920s

Brass, Wood, Calfskin
Diameter: 37cm
Height: 23cm (max)
Standard Parcel
Brass, wood and calfskin marching band drum by the Army & Navy Co-Op Society of London.
Both skins are in good condition but the snare is missing. The brass sides and thumbscrews have that distinctive old brass look to them and make this an attractive decorative item.
The Army & Navy Co-operative Society was founded in 1871 by a group of army and navy officers and was a department store group in the UK. It started out as a co-operative society for military officers in the nineteenth century with the aim to supply goods to its members at the lowest remunerative rates. At its height, it had branches all over England and as far away as India. It changed to a Limited company in 1934 and was bought by House of Fraser in 1981.