Georgian Anglo Irish Lead Crystal Cut Glass Square Footed Oval Compote

Early 19th century
Lead Crystal Glass
Standard Parcel
£ 550
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An oval bowl, cut with strawberry diamonds over plain sharp diamonds with a pillar fluted edge. On a stepped baluster stem on a square diamond cut base, with cross-hatched diamonds on the underside.
Excellent quality. One minute frit on the under edge which can be felt rather than seen. Otherwise in wonderful condition.
The Irish glass houses of Dublin, Belfast, Cork, and Waterford produced incomparable cut glass during the "Period of Freedom" when restrictions were lifted between 1780 and 1825. They learnt their techniques for producing fine glass from Venetian artisans, but during the 18th century developed their own recipe containing calcinated flints and pebbles and employing lead oxide as a flux. The lead gave their glass a higher degree of refraction, creating glass that, when cut, could exude a brilliance unseen in previous European wares.