Boxed Set of Bonzoline Billiard Balls by Burroughes & Watts of London

Early 20th century
2 1/16 Inch Diameter
Standard Parcel
Early 20th century boxed set of Bonzoline Billiard Balls by Burroughes & Watt Ltd of 19 Soho Square, London. Original box marked 2 1/16 on the end.
Balls are in used condition with some marking and crazing.
The first practical composite billiard balls were invented in 1868 in America and patented the following year. The inventor John Wesley Hyatt added Camphor to cellulose Nitrate (balls made from which were liable to explode!) to create what became known as celluloid. These celluloid balls were compression mouldings, produced under very great pressure and then cured before turning, grinding and polishing and were sold under the "Bonzoline" brand name. In 1901 similar celluloid balls started to be made in the UK and were marketed under the name "Crystalate".