Early Fillister Sash Rebate (Rabbet) Plane with Brass Depth Stop and Nicker Iron "A.R.L" Mark

19th Century
Wood, Brass & Steel
21.5cm toe to heel
Standard Parcel
Early fillister sash rebate plane with brass depth stop and nicker iron. "A.R.L" marked to toe. There are no makers names on either iron.
An interesting fillister sash rebate plane in good condition for its age. The initials marked on the toes are in Italic which is usually indicative of an older plane. They may be the makers initials or those of a previous owner.
Irons are sharp but would benefit from further honing.
With the advent of the astragal and hollow mould sash windows in the 1760s, specialist sash planes start to appear because of the difficulty of using using the traditional hollow and round planes. This sash fillister style of plane, developed about 1770, has a fence on arms to guide the plane from the inside edge of the sash bar (the edge that will be moulded).