Rare & Very Novel Edwardian Mahogany & Brass Torch Gadget Cane / Walking Stick

Early 20th century
Mahogany & Brass
Length: 89.5 cm
Standard Parcel
£ 150
Rare Edwardian Mahogany & Brass torch cane in working order. The cane is powered by three AA batteries which were first introduced in 1907 but were not standardised by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) until 1947. Small switch in brass top operates light which shines through glass lens fitted in very top of cane.
The cane uses a very simple lever switch in the brass top to make a circuit with the three AA batteries via a spring and metal cylinder that has been expertly fitted into a hollowed out space with the top of the cane. In order to prevent the batteries from rattling - possibly because modern AA batteries have slightly different dimensions to the batteries available when this was made - they are enclosed in a modern leather casing. Some regular cleaning and maintenance will probably be required to keep the torch working due to the age of the components.
The gadget stick of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries emerged out of the fashionability of walking sticks. These were canes with an additional purpose; they contained secret items, such as snuffboxes, cosmetic compacts, picnic silverware, and later, radios; or the handle could convert into a seat, or the shaft was actually carved out as a flute. As their name conveys, people tried to top each other‘s canes of ingenuity and these walking sticks were a great fad.