Victorian Mahogany Billiards Life Pool Scoreboard Up to 12 Players

19th Century
Mahogany & Ivory
Width: 28cm
Height: 48cm (max excl. brass)
Depth: 4cm
Standard Parcel
Attractive scoreboard for the game of Life Pool in the reddish Mahogany typical of the late Victorian period. Scoring for up to 12 players. No makers name.
Scoreboard is in good antique working condition. All slides operate, though one or two are a bit stiffer than the others, and the Mahogany has that lovely depth of colour that only antique Mahogany has.
Life Pool was traditionally played on a full sized Billiards table although it can also be played upon smaller billiard table sizes e.g. 8 x 4 feet or 6 x 3 feet.
Life Pool is designed to be played by a group of players and each player has a differently coloured ball. Since most snooker tables these days have 8 different ball colours including white, the largest number of players today is usually 8. During the nineteenth century, various selections of balls were played with depending upon the fashion of the day and what was immediately available. It was common to put a spot on a ball to distinguish it from another ball of the same colour, in the same way as the two white balls in Billiards are distinguished, and in this case, up to 14 balls might be used.