Monkey Head Gadget Cane with Articulated Mouth and Glass Eyes. Silver Collar Birmingham 1923

Early 20th century. C. 1923
Silver & Wood
92cm (3ft)
Standard Parcel
£ 150
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13A Bangor Road
Unusual monkey head gadget cane with glass eyes and articulated mouth. Squeeze the tab below the chin and the the lower jaw opens to reveal a faded red mouth interior. The monkey head is made from finely carved wood. Release the tab and the sprung jaw closes. Head is attached to ebonised shaft with silver collar with hallmarks for Birmingham 1923. Makers name starts with W but rest is unreadable. Original brass ferrule with steel tip.
A fun gadget cane with a working monkey head in wonderful patinated condition. The silver collar has significant wear and a couple of small dings. Ebonized shaft has a small amount of curvature that helps to make it a fit comfortable when placed temporarily under the arm.
The gadget stick of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries emerged out of the fashionability of walking sticks. These were canes with an additional purpose; they contained secret items, such as snuffboxes, cosmetic compacts, picnic silverware, and later, radios; or the handle could convert into a seat, or the shaft was actually carved out as a flute. As their name conveys, people tried to top each other‘s canes of ingenuity and these walking sticks were a great fad.