Japanese 1899M Pattern World War 2 NCO‘s Sword

Early 20th century
Steel & wood
Sheathed (including hilt): 93cm
Blade: 76cm
Standard Parcel
This is a 1899M pattern sword as issued to Japanese NCOs during World War 2. It has a serial number (66106) stamped to the blade below the hilt. The grip is wood and metal with a locking mechanism for keeping it securely in the metal scabbard.
Un-restored but good condition for age and sword draws and sheaths well. The scabbard has a lot of patination and staining (rust) but the locking mechanism works well. The blade is in very good condition with only minor staining. There is a small chip out of the the wooden part of the grip near the pommel.
At the end of World War 2, the Japanese Army surrendered their weapons and equipment, including the swords of Officers and NCOs, to British, Indian and American forces. In some places in Burma, the surrender of swords went on for days and some of them inevitably ended up in the kit-bags of soldiers of the 14th Army when they returned to Britain.
Condition Note: Un-restored. Small chip to wood part of hilt.