Silver & Gilt Souvenir Cigarette Case from RMS Mendi by Walker & Hall Chester 1906

Early 20th century: 1906
Silver & Gilt
Standard Parcel
£ 120
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A silver cigarette case with gilt interior made by the well regarded company Walker & Hall in 1906. Inscribed to the front of the case is "Souvenir of passage by Elder Dempsters R.M.H. Mendi". This was probably purchased by a passenger onboard the RMS Mendi‘s during one of her early commercial voyages from Liverpool to West Africa.
The RMS Mendi was a passenger steamship built by Alexander Stephen and Sons of Linthouse in Glasgow and launched 18 June 1905 for the British and African Steam Navigation Company, which appointed group company Elder Dempster & Co to manage her on their Liverpool-West Africa trades. The ship was chartered as a troopship in the First World War and tragically sank in the English Channel on 21st February 1917 with the loss of 646 lives.
Condition Note: Almost all of the coloured enamelling of the flag o the front has been worn away.