Japanese Woodblock, “Spring Evening” by Hiroaki Takahashi (Shotei - 1871–1945), c. 1936

Circa 1936
Woodblock Print
Frame: 22.5cm x 43cm
Standard Parcel
£ 190
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Japanese coloured woodblock of a woman walking with a lantern on a spring evening. This is a rare variant with the seal reading “Kagetsu”. The title on this print is “Yayoi” which signifies the month of March on the lunar calendar.
The print is in excellent condition and in its original frame.
Hiroaki Takahashi, better known by his artist name Shotei, was a leading figure in the 20th-century Shin Hanga or “new prints” style, producing hundreds of woodblock prints that contributed to the revitalization of ukiyo-e. Although he learned traditional nihonga painting from his uncle, Matsumoto Fuko, Sh?tei was also influenced by Western print techniques that focused on the atmospheric qualities of light. In 1923, the Great Kant? earthquake Kanto struck and destroyed all the blocks and inventory of the publisher Wanatabe Shozaburo. Shotei, like many other artists, created variants on their earlier works that were destroyed. This is a second version of his work “Spring Evening”. It has been left unsigned.