Oak Sectional Bookcase By Gunn Furniture Co. of Grand Rapids Michigan (Pat. 1899-1901), Early 20th Century

Early 20th Century
86.5cm x 32cm x 76.5cm
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Oak sectional bookcase by the Gunn Manufacturing Co of Grand rapids, Michigan (Pat. 1899-1901). The glazed door slide up and into the frame to give access to the bookshelves. Comes apart into four parts - top, base and two glazed book sections. Makers information to rear.
The Gunn furniture company began being when William S. Gunn added a furniture department to his hardware business in 1874. In 1890 the Gunn Folding Bed Co was incorporated and in 1893 it became the Gunn furniture company which lasted until 1953. The company’s initial products were folding beds. As early as 1893 folding beds began to decline in popularity, so the company changed its name and its products to roll-top desks, sectional bookcases, letter filing devices, and similar goods. By 1896 the company boasted that it produced 80 styles of desks. In the 1910s and ‘20s the company produced sectional bookcases that included a module with pigeonholes and a fold-down desktop. Cases were made in walnut, mahogany, imitation mahogany, and quartered oak. In the mid-1920s Gunn introduced its trademark “Lino” desks and cafeteria tables, which had wood frames and black linoleum surfaces.