Scottish Brown & Polson Blancmange or Jelly Mould, Early 20th Century

Early 20th century
16.5cm x 12.5cm
Standard Parcel
£ 50
A moulded ceramic Blancmange or jelly mould, with a blancmange recipe printed on the side advertising Brown & Polson’s cornflour.
The mould is in good condition with no chips or crazing. There is a small firing crack on the inside.
Brown & Polson was established in 1840 when two muslin manufacturers joined forces in Paisley. John Polson (the son of the original owner) discovered how to make maize into an edible starch, and patented the cornflour in 1854. Brown & Polson began producing starch and cornflour in the 1860s. They became the largest manufacturer of starch products in Britain and were granted the Royal Warrant. Their cornflour can still be bought today.