Pair of Regency Papier Mâché Coasters or Bottle Stands, c. 1830

19th Century
14cm (diameter) x 4.5cm
Standard Parcel
£ 180
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Carse of Cambus
FK16 6HG
A pair of straight sided Regency papier mâché coasters or bottle stands with flowers and butterflies painted in blue, red and gold against a black background.
The coasters are in good condition, with minor foxing. The interiors have borne the brunt of many a bottle and there is a chip and hairline crack to one of them, but the painting is still really good with bright gilding. The coasters have their original green baize to the base which allowed them to be shunted across a polished table without scratching its surface.
Coasters, or bottle stands as they were originally called, were an integral part of the elegant dining table in England from the 18th century. Henry Clay of Birmingham patented papier mâché in 1772 and pairs of bottle stands were made, sometimes to match tea trays, bread baskets and snuffers trays. Early examples were narrower with straight sides. Later they became wider to accommodate decanters, with bulbous shapes being introduced in the mid-1820s.