Vintage Swedish Sievert Brass Blow Torch Table Lamp with Flicker Flame Bulb

Early 20th century + later conversion
Standard Parcel
Vintage Swedish brass blow torch converted into industrial style table lamp. Fitted with flicker flame bulb for a very distinctive look. Top quality conversion that has been fully Pat tested.
A very stylish piece of history that would look great in a modern flat or workshop. Traditional black twisted cable with inline switch and black 3A plug.
The blowtorch is of ancient origin and was used as a tool by gold and silversmiths. They began literally as a "blown lamp", a wick oil lamp with a mouth-blown tube alongside the flame. This type of lamp, with spirit fuel, continued to be in use for such small tasks into the late 20th century. Traditional kerosene blow torches were generally superseded by new propane fuelled versions from the 1950s onwards.