Vintage Rabone Chesterman Leather Bound 20m Metric cloth Tape for Surveyor or Sports Day

Second Half 20th Century
Leather cover
20m long
Standard Parcel
This is a vintage cloth tape from the one of the top English names in measuring devices - Rabone Chesterman of Sheffield. The measure is leather bound with brass fittings and extends to 20m with metric markings and a handy peg for securing the end. The tape is made from "Fibron" which means it is more robust than the earlier material versions and marked in half centimetre graduations.
The measure is most likely post decimalisation (1971) and in very good condition. The leather cover is barely marked and the measuring tape is clean and clear all the way from 0m to 20m. The brass winding handle operate smoothly.
This design of measure will be familiar to anybody who has watched or taken part in a school sports day (measuring long jump or shot put). Also very popular in the surveying industry.