Victorian 19th Century Ivory page turner with 17th Lancers Crest and A C monogram.

19th Century
45cm x 3cm
Standard Parcel
£ 120
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This ivory page turner has a simple but tactile design. One end is lightly rounded and shaped to fit comfortably into the hand whilst the other has a slim and flattened profile for slipping easily between the pages of a large book or folio.
Towards the middle of the page turner is the crest of the 17th Lancers and the monogram A C which may indicate that this was once owned by General Sir Arthur Clifton who was Colonel of the 17th Lancers from 1839 to 1842.
The 17th Lancers were formed in 1822 and won three Victoria Crosses at the famous charge of The Light Brigade during the battle of Balaklava in 1854. Because of The Skull and Cross Bones badge and their motto of Or Glory they were frequently referred to as the "Death or Glory Boys". Though for a while they where less glamorously known as Bingham‘s Dandies after Lord Bingham (Lieutenant-Colonel 1826 - 1837) invested a considerable amount of money smartening up the unit up with new horses and ornate uniforms.
The 17th Lancers were amalgamated with the 21st Lancers in 1922 to become the 17th/21st Lancers. This regiment subsequently became the Queens Royal Lancers in 1993.